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eCamp Academies - this summer become a master!

A new way to experience the technology summer camp in Israel 

Welcome to the new world of Academies - a 2012 addition to the summer camp in israel. As an Academy camper, instead of doing 3 workshops, you will participate in an intensive program and focus on mastering one major field. If you want to become an expert and pave your road to a career in tech, join the academies, developed by industry professionals. eCamp Campers spend time in the academies from 9:00am to 3:50pm, including breaks and unplugged activities, aligned with regular Israel camp workshops schedule.

You can learn and experience more in two weeks in a Jewish camp in israel than in a semester-long college course! 

eCamp academies are available only to Megabyte and Gigabyte campers. Register early as there are a limited number of campers we can accept to an academy.


Become a hi-tech leader! - read more about the experience of this summer camp in Israel 
Use the best and newest equipment at the computer labs in Israel 


The Israel camp will make you an expert!

Choose one Acadamy per session: 


  • 3D Academy


From TV commercials to big screen feature films, 3D is everywhere! One of the best experiences in the summer camp in Israel is to become a 3D expert. In this academy you will go through the complete creative workflow of a 3D artist, just like in big-name animation studios. We use 3D Studio Max® for the core processes of modeling, animation and rendering. Work in Photoshop® for designing textures and environment components. Add the final touch with After Effects® to complete your own stunning 3D clip.

Open to beginners through advanced campers. Some prior experience in graphic design software is recommended.



  • Mobile Apps Academy


Be part of the hottest field in the tech industry today and develop your own apps for iPhone & Android, smart-phones and tablets! In this academy you will utilize the Titanium platform and use Javascript & HTML to create native apps that work on all kinds of devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android and more. Immerse yourself in the fun and challenge of developing mobile apps & games and start publishing your home-made creations in the app stores. When you return home from the technology summer camp in Israel you can share with your friends all the cool apps you programmed. 

Prerequisite: Programming 101 workshop (#23) or experience with other programming languages.


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