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Communication Room

“Hello mom, I’m having a blast at eCamp…”

Because eCamp is a program of summer in Israel for kids, where you spend two weeks or more away from home, we know it is important for you to stay in touch with your family and friends. Campers are not allowed to carry cell phones into the summer camp in Israel - so How do you stay in touch with your family and friends?

During “Free Breeze”, the free time at the computer labs, the eCamp campers have an opportunity to use the communication room. Stay in contact by writing emails, post your experiences from camp on facebook or call home with Skype or other calling software. Use a pair of headset and microphone for full privacy as you tell everyone about the fun you are having on your summer in israel. Add a webcam and get on a video chat that will make your family feel they are with you at eCamp.

When can I call home? 

Campers at eCamp will have opportunity to call or write home several times during camp, but not everyone will call every day. Like any other top program of summer in israel for kids, there are many other fun things for children and teens to do during their free time: they can play computer games, get excited at the console zone or have fun with some outdoor sports. eCamp staff is making sure that the campers are contacting home at least once a week.

During the summer the eCamp office will send email messages for the parents with communication hours for each age group for that day. However, if a camper is not calling home everyday, it’s only because he or she are having too much fun!

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