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Typical Day

Every day at eCamp is a whole new adventure

eCamp is a camp in Israel that offers a healthy balance of technology and social programs. There is so much to do and only 2 weeks in the session. That’s why every day at eCamp is filled with tons of summer camp activities and experiences: You explore new techniques and work on your projects in the workshops, enjoy a hot summer day with lots of Israel overnight camps activities, such as swimming in the pool or playing your favorite sports, meeting Israeli innovators, competing in the coolest console games and still have time to hang out with your new friends that you met at the sleep away camps in Israel.

A typical eCamp day:

  •   8:00 - Power Up Breakfast
  •   8:45 - Opening Circle - camp-wide morning meeting
  •   9:00 - First eWorkshop
  • 10:25 - Tutti Fruity Snack Time
  • 10:35 - Second eWorkshop
  • 12:00 - Unplugged / Pool - outdoor fun
  •   1:30 - Healthy Lunch
  •   2:25 - Third eWorkshop
  •   3:50 - Cookie Fruity Snack Time
  •   4:00 - Pause and Relax
  •   5:00 - Free Breeze - Free lab time, visit camp store, play the Console Zone and call home
  •   6:45 - Delicious Dinner
  •   7:15 - Feel the Breeze or Special event - Outdoor group chalenges or innovator presentations
  •   9:00 - Shower Time
  •  10:00 - Circle of Friends
  • 10:15 - Lights out for Nanpbyte, Kilobyte & Megabyte
  • 11:00 - Lights out for Gigabyte

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Sample special events calander:

Our camp in Israel is full of exciting events in the spirit of Israel overnight camps! No day is similar to the other at eCamp – camp in Israel focused in technology, spirit and fun! You'll find more themed days in the typical special-events calendar below.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wedsday Thursday Friday Saturday

Opening ceremony First day of workshops Pool party and BBQ Startup fair,
Talent show
Kabalat Shabbat Maccabiah Games, LAN party
Tech Trip eNnovation Show Eco-Day Gigabyte Trip  Bonfire Project Presentation Farewell Ceremony

* Schedule of the sleep away camps in Israel may differ from session to session and from group to group.

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