International Summer Camp in Israel

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Parents Questions:

My daughter is interested in your camp. Will there be girls there? 

Our summer camp is a program for girls and boys alike. Our facilities are co-ed and we have female counselors to look after the girls.

What should be the computer skill level of a typical camper? 

We welcome campers at all skill levels ranging from beginners to experts. The curriculum is designed to accommodate different skill levels. Our approach is personalized and hands-on which enables campers to progress at their own pace.

How does my child pick workshops? 

Campers select their workshops when registering prior to coming to camp. We are happy to help you select workshops, just give us a call. Campers choose three eWorkshops and an outdoor activity option. Campers receive their schedule approximately one week before camp begins. We make every effort to accommodate camper wishes but we cannot guarantee that every workshop choice will be available due to demand and scheduling constraints. In cases where demand exceeds capacity, spots are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Can my child change workshops once camp begins? 

Yes, for the first two days of camp we try to accommodate requests for changes so long as there is an available spot in the desired workshop.

Is there a computer for every camper in a workshop? 

Yes, we have one computer per camper in our tech workshops except for some Build workshops where the curriculum is designed for campers to work in teams.

Are campers allowed to leave campus or move around campus unescorted? 

No. Campers are escorted on campus by Counselors or Leadership Program participants and may not leave campus on their own.

What about laundry?

Laundry is available for campers staying for more than one session. Campers should bring clothes for 2 weeks.

Is camp appropriate for my 8 - 12 year old? 

Our program is geared to offer a summer camp experience to campers who have an interest in technology regardless of age. Our low ratio of campers to staff, age appropriate outdoor activities and age-based residential rooming assignments can be very beneficial to our younger campers. We understand parent concern about sending youngsters to camp and we can arrange periodic updates during your child's stay with us.

What about transportation? 

We pick up overseas campers from their arrival in Israel and arrange for their smooth departure. All transportation arrangements will be set with parents prior to the camp.

My kids do not speak Hebrew, will they get along at eCamp in Israel? 

Yes, easily! Our camp is international and is run fully in English and Hebrew.

What are the Jewish aspects of eCamp Israel? 

eCamp provides a pluralistic Jewish atmosphere. We emphasize among our participants Jewish values and ethics. We keep kosher and celebrate Shabbat. One of our missions is to strengthen participants' Jewish identity and connection with the State of Israel.

Does the program fit to campers who keep Shabbat and Kosher? 

Sure it does. All camp-organized activities on Shabbat follow Shabbat standards. All food served is certified kosher.

What is the Leadership program? 

Gigabyte campers (entering 10th grade or above after camp) enjoy a special program throughout the camp, which includes practicing leadership skills, tasting Israeli higher education, and glimpsing the IDF's elite technology and more.

How often do siblings see one another? 

Siblings who take matching workshops will see each other more often, while mainly siblings see each other at whole-camp assemblies throughout the day and during free times at the dorms.

How big are the groups? 

At workshops, the average ration is 5 campers per counselor, while at the camper groups there are 2 counselors for 10-15 campers.

What are the rooms like? Does staff live with the campers? 

Campers' rooms are in a very high standard. All rooms are air-conditioned, dormitory-style with 3-4 campers per room, each with private bathroom facilities and furnished with high-quality furniture. Counselors sleep in rooms adjacent to campers' rooms.

How old are the counselors? 

Counselors are all over 18, mainly between the ages 20-25.

How do you handle homesickness? 

Homesickness is natural and does occur in most new campers. We are experts at handling it. Staff is trained during orientation and provide professional care if needed.

Do you have a nurse? 

We have a nurse and clinic facilities on duty 24 hours a day. The eCamp village is in a short driving distance a Hospital.

Will I be able to call my camper? 

The camp office will always answer your call, and will transfer any message to your camper. At nights, campers can use the Communication Room to video-phone, or video-email, and of course communication is made very easy with the permanent internet connection we provide.

Should I sign up for one, two or three sessions? 

Many campers sign-up for more than one session , as we provide different and fresh content at each of them. While each session stands for itself, in Israel we have a special trip program for those who are staying for both. If your camper comes to camp from overseas we recommend staying for the two sessions and also taking our after camp Israel trip, for the ultimate experience. That way, campers enjoy a more varied workshop selection, have the option to combine basic & advanced workshops and explore beautiful Israel.


  •  Program subject to change without notice


eCampers' Questions

Do you use PC's or MAC's?

We use PC's and we have one computer per camper in all workshops except for those that are designed for teams. We also have Macs for the Video clips eWorkshop.

What software packages are used? 

We use over 20 different software applications and use the most up-to-date versions that are relevant to our current workshops. Among the list of the tech brands we use, you will find: Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Autodesk, Sony and more.

Can I bring my laptop from home? 

You may bring your computer to camp but it is definitely not necessary and we are not responsible for any loss or damage. We highly recommend that you register any electronic equipment at the camp office for your protection.

Can I bring my cell phone? 

Cell phones are not allowed on campus. Contact with family and friends is available through the "Communication Room" in the campus. All campers must leave cell-phones at the office ,on the first day of camp, which will be returned to them at the end of the session.

How many campers share a room and can I room with a friend? 

Three to four campers share a room. If your friend also wants to room with you it's no problem. You and your friend both need to list each other's name in the "Special Requests" section of the Registration form. Only one name is allowed in your list.

How will I spend time with my camp friends? 

Some of your new friends will be in the same workshops as you, or will have fun & action activities at the same time. We have both indoor and outdoor options where you can learn a new game or sport, practice martial arts or participate in a variety of other group activities. Others may be in your camper group. You can sit together during meals and hang out during free lab time, dorm time or Breeze activities. We also have camp fires and camp parties where all campers get to celebrate together.

Do I get to play network and console games? 

Sure. Network games will be available during free lab times and giant-screen gaming tournaments are part of the evening Breeze program. LAN gaming parties will be hosted once in each session. There is also a console game zone (using the Wii, X-Box and PS3) available for tournaments and open play. You can sign up for the Console Zone Extra eWorkshop if you want to play console games during the day. We also have camp parties in each session with tournaments of the most popular games.

Tell me about meals. 

We have a wide choice of food and drinks to keep the brain and body in peak shape. The choices are many and may include salad & pasta bars, grilled cheese, pizza, burgers, fries, chicken, sandwiches and don't forget the Israeli Falafel! Besides breakfast, lunch and supper, campers will also get two snack-time breaks in which they will be provided with the snacks. Vegetarian meals are also available and other special dietary restrictions and needs can often be accommodated. Tell us about your special dietary needs when you register. All food is kosher.

We also have a camp store where campers can purchase drinks, snacks, camp t-shirts, etc.


  • Program subject to change without notice