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Vision & Mission of the Summer Camp in Israel

The Vision of eCamp

With the great success of Israel in becoming a super-power on the world’s Hi-Tech stage, the first Israeli Hi–Tech Camp was founded – eCamp. The hi-tech summer camp in Israel was established to give the next generation an opportunity to develop their skills and themselves, especially in the Hi-Tech field. A vibrant mix of kids and teens from Israel and from around the world offers an unbeatable experience of a Jewish camp in Israel, makes amazing social interaction experience and creates a global youth community, not to mention lasting friendships.

Our Mission

eCamp, the hi-tech summer camp in Israel, exposes youth and teens from Israel and around the world to the unique technological capabilities which Israel possesses. In our Jewish camp in Israel, young people from around the globe spend the summer in Israel together with Israelis, make life-long friendships that will have a deep and positive impact on their future. Combining the best of technology with the meaningful Israeli experience, eCamp program is designed to give campers more ways to express their creativity and an opportunity to discover their own special affinity with the Jewish world and with Israel.

Our Commitment to Parents and Campers During the Summer Camp in Israel

We are committed to provide a safe, supportive, open and collaborative environment, which allows individuals to self-express themselves, all within an innovative and challenging framework rich in fun, spirit and lifetime experiences.

Main Goals

  1. Develop the technological abilities of the participants.

  2. Create a “Next Generation” of Hi-Tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

  3. Create social connections and friends across the world.

Leading Ideals of the Jewish Camp in Israel

  • Mutual respect and Tolerance - eCampers arrive from countries and cultures around the world . This gathering allows the participants to explore and experience a multi-cultural society you can experience only in a Jewish camp in Israel. Everyone will add their touch to the community and will gain from their exposure to others.
  • Innovation and Creativity - Through the workshops we enable each eCamper to burst beyond the boundaries of imagination with constant encouragement.
  • Zionism - Raising the story of modern Israel’s success will create pride and a connection with Israel and one’s Jewish heritage is one of the goals of the Jewish camp in Israel.
  • Leadership - At eCamp, participants with many backgrounds, skills and interests create a platform for each to lead in an area: technological, social or other. 
  • Design a better world - In eCamp Israel teen programs, campers help create a better world: We care about our environment, we insist on equality, and we take the Jewish value of Tikun Olam (repairing the world) one step to the future.


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